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Words are the basic elements which are the indispensable tools in the enabling of a common language agreement. Thus allowing no room for separation of the truth or for want of a greater good over evil. But by uniquely allowing for an act of extenuated kindness or the individual liberation of a cernuous virtue, and humility. i.e. "What quenchless feud's this that time has with the sons of men?" ‘Pierre; or The Ambiguities’ -Herman Melville (1819-1891)

'The Brave Men's Captain'

From the winds came storms,

The mist bristling in salt.

Secretes of emeralds

and diamonds;

Lost treasures of naught.

From the wind came storms

There were magic true sails

And magic true tales

Of the brave men’s captain,

And how they fought.

From the wind came storms

The lord’s magic true tower

Tales of adventure

Webs by the hour.

The dragon wings love clover,

The lord’s faithful true tower.

There were dragons and tigers!

Scheherazade with her eyes afire!

One by land, two by sea;

A penny

In your pocket



And me!


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