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Please forgive any misconceptions that may exist in this area as it's infinitely more logical that only God should know what 'God' has to do rather than finding opinion for what has little effect on excuses or the sweat of self-conservative views. . .

“Hand Jive”

I know a cat named Way-Out Willie

Got a cool 'little' chick named Rockin` Billie

She can walk and stroll and Susie-Q

Doing that crazy hand jive, too

Papa said “You will ruin my home.

You and that hand jive have got to go.”

Willie said “Papa, don’t put me down,

They’re doing’ that hand jive all over town.”

Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive, doing that crazy hand jive

Mama, mama, look at Uncle Joe

Doing the hand jive with sister Floe

Grandma gave baby sister a dime

Said, “Do that crazy hand jive one more time.”

Said doing that hand jive one more time

Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive, doing that crazy hand jive

Doctor, lawyer and Indian chief

They’re all digging that crazy beat

Way-Out Willie give ‘em all a treat

When he did that hand jive with his feet

Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive, doin’ that crazy hand jive

Willie and Billie got married last fall

Had a little a little Willie Junior and that ain’t all

Baby got famous it’s plane to see

Been doing that hand jive on TV

Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive, doing that crazy hand jive


"The clear reality is that the death penalty’s an anathema toward any society that purports to call itself civilized, It is an abomination that continues to scar the fibers of our society and it will continue to do so until such barbaric practice is outlawed. Until then, we’ll have to live in a land that condones state assisted revenge that is not justice in any form or fashion."  - A.M. "Marty" Stroud III (Louisiana)