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Subtitle: (Teachings of Sankhya philosophy)
Hon'ble Sri Masters, finding the world entangled in the material modes of capitalism's a natural thing that must be balanced with a rhetoric of interactive compliancy if it's to survive the elements of its challenges in the cosmos. A rhetoric of anticipative compliancy, and challenge that states: "Man does not live by bread alone but by the expansion of a Universe in its ever-changing infinities". As it should be intuitively understood that the world does not live by greed but a compliant understanding of its elements in the harmony of the nature of the Universe. As it must also be understood that life's an appreciation of the harmony, and interactive compliancy that's found to broaden our horizons of knowledge and intuitive understanding by maintaining its energies of enlightenment and mystery through-out the cosmos. The material world of capitalism's a marvelous appreciation of the creativeness of learning and the enlightenments that are a part of the knowledgeable understanding that instills its energies of interactive compliancy through-out the Universe. The material world of capitalism's always entangled in the many affinities of knowledgeable reasoning and understanding. The challenge of these elements may be found with-in the phenomena of enlightenment that exist between Prakriti, and 'Purusha' in the dualism world of Sankhya philosophy. A phenomena that's to be seen as practiced with instilled kindness and the trust of an infinite learning. . .