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‘Heretical Numbers’

 While still trying to remember that it's the Universe that we all must be traveling through - The laws of inspiration that are neither seen or heard - The indifferences of evolution that are neither subordinated or denied - We stir from what we know - From what we must know - From what's been given so far that’s right - From the heretical chaos of our ancestral garden - to what has been given so far that's true - That our compliancies meet with the rhetoric of our furthest dreams - that our compliancies are less than shortcoming - Fallacies of our own doing that may be adjusted or forgiven - It may be given a name - It may be found amongst all things – It may be given to none - It belongs amongst all things - It's the inspirational challenges of our greatest initiatives that belong to the great beyond - not to the diminished chastening of a worldly belonging but to the greater learning of an infinite tomorrow, and the inspirational challengings that arises from all dreams that stem from the ethereal worlds of eternal compliancies and other heavenly beyonds!