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‘Wisdom’ (Religious Tolerance)

The likeness of what is found in the world today’s “the habit of what we’re doing”. . . The habit of love. . . The habit of kindliness and patience. The habit of infinite learning and wisdom. Thus it’s possible that everything found in the world today may be called religion as the realities of our culture are where the ethics of doing is hidden. The habit of love. The habit of kindness and patience. The habits of infinite learning and wisdom. . . 

i.e. Could atheism be likened to the habit of whining or not tying our shoes (habits that may change as we grow older) or the logic of a greater Universal reasoning which states to deny something’s the very admittance of its existence . . ? ? ? 


There're those who are humbled by the simplicity of ignorance and then there are those who'd have it always stay that way. . .