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et's suppose that we lived in a world that was formulated and justly instilled as a villa type of community. What do you suppose it would be like? Would it have a Monarchy? Would it hold elections? What could be the one thing that would allow the community to flourish or exist as an interactive 'villa-type' society? Study some of the ideas or constructive thoughts on the founding of Democracy. Have you ever heard of anyone called: "The Father of Philosophy?” Find some books at the library on the subject of philosophy, or the political leaders of the past who might've existed in a demographical type of society. Is there a difference between the study of philosophy and the study of the arts and sciences? Study the video! Does it seem too overly idealized or romantic? Is there a difference between something which's said to be philosophically fluid or that which might be called Universally cognitive? Could the Universe be immersed in the eternal state of interactive fluidness and motion? How many "isms" do you suppose there are in the Universe that may possibly be counted?