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Clásico (en Cuestión)

1.    Allowing for the stability of homelessness (that) to be viewed as totally dependent upon the question asked. . .

 (A.) What habits of stability may be improved when a higher degree of learning or education's pursued?

(B.) Does the fluidness of our being remain the same or become different as we journey through the cosmos?

(1.) What are some of the cognitive elements of the Universe?

(1a.) Generosity

(1b.) Individuality

(1c.) Truth

(1d.) Honesty

(C.) Does the fluidity of our being contain elements that could be interpreted as innate or different from the rest of the Universe?

(D.) What elevation of thought contains particles that may liberate our being from the entanglements of negative kharama or its ever-changing rebirth?

(E.) What gives and begets and yet gives again? It’s the simple man that rules the world or the immeasurable wrath of a woman’s hellish scorn. . . ? ? ?