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‘Amendment Rights vs. (NRA) Martyrdom’

Hon’ble Consulates, it's interesting to perceive how we've allowed ourselves to vote on birth control or sexual orientation issues but when it comes to the impersonal amendments of weaponry, we’re like the sheepish flounders of a lost wilderness. . .

Suggestion: The civilian population shouldn't be allowed access to any kind of destructive weaponry, or violent gun ownership. The collectors of these inhospitable types of artifacts should be made to show a responsible ownership by carrying a mandatory “liability” insurance policy i.e. valuable resource for tax revenue could be enacted by taxing and licensing weaponry in the same way as automobiles. . .

P.S. It must also be noted that grouping mental illness with the Masonic whit of gun ownership’s to be viewed as demeaning towards the ‘Hippocratic Oath' or the betterment of a greater and more affinite health-wellness outlook.