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‘First Logic’
The Universe's first logic; and then three complexities of life, and then an acceptance of the three complexities of life. Instead of trying to understand these complexities or intricate concepts of acknowledgement, and understanding we're apt to be found trying to hide in them. Instead of doing what we're supposed to be doing or what we'd be doing if we knew what we were supposed to be doing. We’re apt to be doing what somebody else’s supposed to be doing. Instead of being more gracious toward the many auspicious aspects of a pervading and prevailing kindnesses or its salvation of eternal bliss and peaceful tranquility. We’re apt to be a little to self-remanding in the ever-changing affinities of an entangled pervasiveness or its feint of superfluous flair, and tempestuous affinity. While beliefs are constantly being submitted to the rhetoric of an ever-changing infinity. Only the blind have cause for faith. Only the truth may have cause for questioning. While it’s only through the miracle of 'God' that all things are possible. . .