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‘Allah & Ahlam’
Allah & Ahlam
Lived by the Sea
They played by the ocean
And lived by the sea
Then once upon a sunny day
They dove beneath the ocean
To visit the enchanted lands
Of Neptune’s golden tether
Allah was a charming prince
Bedecked of Sword and Jeweled Scraffle
Plying for the loving charms of
Neptune’s only daughter
Solace by the Sea was said,
Between the Mountains of the Ocean
Vowing with enchanted songs for the kindly
Drove of Neptune’s golden feather
Lovely as they were of gold
Divine with rings and golden arrows
Poison locks of wings so bold
Was this Cupid’s woven feather
Allah was a charming prince
Bedecked of Jeweled Sword and Scraffle
Vowing with enchanted songs
For the cherished love of Neptune’s
Golden treasure