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‘Daughter of the Himalayas'

A long time ago, in India the God Shiva was known as the controller of the cosmic forces while his wife ‘Paravatti’ was known as the spiritual healer of nature, and the loyal Nandi being servant of the gracious and mighty pair. Then one day as ‘Nandi’ was attending to his duties as gardener in the courtyard, ‘Paravatti’ came up to him asking if he'd keep a strict watch on the house while she prepared some fragrant oils and incense for her bath, and not to let anybody enter without her permission. The loyal Nandi was immediately turned to the attention of this new duty, and task when suddenly he saw his master ‘Shiva’ approaching thus asking to himself: "How shall the master of the house be kept from entering his own dwelling while still carrying out the orders of my mistress Paravatti?"

So (as the story came to be), the lovely Paravatti's orders were immediately dismissed and dissolved at the approach of Shiva's entourage perturbing the beloved Goddess that her orders were not carried out or commands obeyed as might've been expected which was plainly told by the stodgily grin on her husband's face which was not up to par with the lovely Goddess's plan of amusement or idea of certainty for the day at all. “The servants bestow their loyalty to Shiva first,” the lovely Goddess thought to herself. "Shouldn't there be some-one to bestow their loyalty only to me?"

The next day while Paravatti was alone in the courtyard she took some milky oils from the powers of her divine countenance and with the patience of wisdom, and kindness created a beautiful guardian boy to watch over her commands and be faithful to her wishes. She looked lovingly upon the newly created guardian as she smiled thoughtfully to herself saying: "Watch over my commands that no one enters without permission!" The newly created guardian only smiled and responded by saying: "Thou wish's my command!"

Not a few nights did pass until Shiva again arrived at his doorstep finding that he was blocked by the newly created guardian's order of reproach, and command of forbidden entrance by the `enfamous lovely Goddess whose name's also known as Durga, “The Daughter of the Himalayas". Such a bold refusal, and order of reproach infuriated the thundering God of the cosmic forces whom responded by saying: "How dare you block the entranceway to my dwelling?” The newly created guardian only shrugged and smiled by saying: "No one shall enter my Beloved Goddess mother's house with-out her permission!" Not believing what to make of the situation Shiva stormed off to find his loyal servant and companion Nandi to help give a lesson to this new upstart!

After taking a few Ganjas from the bulk of Shiva's army, Nandi proceeded to attack the newly created guardian boy's post with such a tremendous fury, and surge of force that all of the grounds shook and the houses trembled and almost fell. But the newly created guardian stood firm and was not dismayed by the disruption, or the attacks of the ensuing force of the onslaughts, or the attacking force of the onslaughts of the quays standing by his Goddess mother's order of reproach; and forbidden entrance as the demons of the underground wondered in dismay as to the loyalty of the newly created companion's strength, and faithfulness to the commands that his Goddess mother's orders be obeyed. The demons of the underground marveled at all of the commotion, and wondered in dismay at the ensuing force of the unsuccessful attacks of the quays while the newly created guardian stood faithfully by his Goddess mother's orders; as the armies of the Ganjas fell back into the retreat of their own surrender, and great disarray. "Never was there such a thing,” they reported back to Shiva. "He was so strong and very quick!"

The disruption of the ensuing onslaughts and the attacking force of the ensuing onslaughts of the quays had also attracted the attention of the demigods of the underground and their spirit Gods of divinity whom harmoniously choired: "This newly created spirit God's of a divinity, as must be his orders!" The newly created guardian stood firm against all ensuing onslaughts of the commotion, and the ensuing focus of the onslaughts of the quays faithfully guarding his Goddess mother's order not to let anybody enter with-out her permission, and to faithfully obey. The ensuing force of the onslaughts of disruption, and the onslaughts of the focused commotion of intrigue had also attracted the attention of the creator of the Universe "Brahma" whom honorably declared to all that would listen: "Let's seek a solution to the dilemma of this situation by meditating on the tranquilities of the Universe and its more peaceful rewards!" But, the great king's skill of meditative tranquility, and communicative advice came down upon deft ears as the chastising with disdain of short and civil manner gave way to the infuriating of tempers amongst the loudest and bravest of Shiva's gainful and ill-gotten flairs. "Man thy weapons,” went the battle cry. And, "let no stone be left unturned!” Around and around went the battle cry as the dilemma of the situation grew bolder, and the infuriation of its challenges and intrigue. While all along the mighty Paravatti was watching this situation from a distance and wondering in bewilderment at the disruption and intrigue!

All along Paravatti was watching the situation and wondering at the ensuing disproportion of the dilemma, and the bewilderment of the onslaughts of focused intrigue, as the demons of the underground marveled at her newly created guardian's stance. The newly created guardian was watchful of his commands to faithfully obey her wishes not to let anybody enter with-out her permission. All the heavens marveled as the lovely Goddess spoke: "Why go to such lengths for just one small boy?" The newly created guardian was steadfast against all ensuing disruptions and commotion of the ongoing onslaughts of intrigue only shrugging any onslaughts of commotion, or disruptive disproportion staying faithful to the charge that his Goddess mother's orders be obeyed. "Why bring so many onslaughts against just one small boy trying to prove your subjects of infidelities and lodgings?" The mighty Paravatti then changed her demur into a focus of impersonal bliss while taking some herbs from the wealth of her countenance and with the wisdom of kindness, and patience of love created two more Goddess warriors to swallow up the armies of disruption and to help with the destruction of the weapons of mass confusion, and disarray. While the magic formed by the lovely Goddess warriors that were created by the Goddess Paravatti was so powerful they formed the mountains of the Himalayas from where the armies of the Ganjas were swallowed up, and to this day the mountains are known as “The Unmovable Ones!"

Written by: J.W. Pavlic