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It has ‘acknowledgeably’ been understood from the lores of an ancient past that it's easy to play with a cobra. It has also knowingly been understood through-out history that it's easy to walk over the sea of cosmic energy, or fire. While its sometimes even said that it’s easy to uproot the Himalayas. Although it should never be unknowingly misconstrued that it’s impossible to eradicate the just. As it’s thus by a diminishing of our entanglements that our being's able to wonder at the simplicities of life, or the mysteries that abound in nature. Or it’s perhaps by the encompassing of a simplicity of ourselves that allows for us to gather an assemblage towards the wonder of God's eternal blessing and mystery of reward. Thus it’s by the laziness of our being that things become entangled or envied for the lust of greed allowing for all kinds of hellish conditions or rebirths, etc. . .