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de` la Beau
Once upon a time,
a long time ago
there lived a magical demigod warrior
enchanted in a mythical spell by
a beautiful witch of magnumous power.
The heavens were full of enchantments
and magical-mythical spells.
There were creatures of all kinds
cast amongst the abodes of time.
There were magical demigod warriors
with mythical beast that could fly.
Jaunges Kaune was an intergalactic
battalion warship captain,
enchanted in a mystical spell
by a witch of enigmatic power
who didn't know how to say nigh!
The heavens were filled with enchantment
that would have to be halted to wait for
the spell of love de`amour to unravel
its nostalgic mystery that used bat wings as bait!
The heavens were full of enchantment
and magical demigod warriors from
space with light warp speeds;
and hyper-force shields,
and ray guns that went bleep!
Scheherazade had enraptured the entire squadron
And its inter-galactic crew
with every mythical being
On its holiday, and cruise!
Jaunges Kaune was a demigod warrior,
battalion warship cruiser from space.
Trapped in the mystical time warp fields
and spells of the fragile human race.
There were mythical demigod warriors
with electro-quadrant pay.
Scheherazade had enchanted the entire
battalion warship cruiser, and its captain on their way!
Waiting for the trapped electro-quadrant's
force shield to bring back her only Beau
The spells of love de `amour's forever
everybody knows ti’s true.
With light warp fields, and hyper-space shields;
and spells of the quadrant, too!