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‘Clean Air & Energy’
Wouldn’t it be nice to move into the next millennia with no worries towards “the thousands of water producing filtration plants” that could be found dotting the rising shoreline or the productively creative monorails that transport commodities and materials to different ports run by safe and efficient electricity? The productivity of safe transport and water filtration systems of the future could be used with a variety of tidal wave or wind power generators (and parabolic solar disk) that combined would raise the standard of our creative living environment. . .

i.e. As it’s concerning about today’s learning or the impersonal attitudes taken sometimes in creating a better tomorrow. The possibilities of creating a better world or the attitudes of an infinite learning should be aligned with the knowledge of a self-instilled reasoning and motivation of creativeness. The impersonal understanding of today’s world is sometimes found to be unsure of its creativeness or that it’s a creature of creative thought and reasonable understanding. The behavior of a materialist society, or its impersonalist understanding’s not based upon an infinite learning or a part of the human stature. The impersonal knowledge of todays materialist world's based upon the dualism of a symbiotic reasoning that’s particled by a dependent degree of learning or its materialist understanding. The edifice of human understanding in todays' materialist world's found in the reasoning of “what enters the conscious enters the mind” as the consciousness is the consciousness of truth, and forgiveness. Thus realizing the human constitution’s based upon honesty, and is not above nature’s law. The infinite realization of trust and human understanding in the world today’s part of the Universal cosmos and destined perhaps by a higher degree of reasoning. . .