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_______ Ether


‘Slow Delivery’

Wonder where they’ve gone?
All the kisses that’re missing
I wonder what went wrong
Knowing we’re not together
It’s just driving me a-crazy
Evading doubts bewitching
A time for being strong
Telling me “I’m your lady”
It’s time to be again
And love me like no other
It’s time for holding on
It's a time for slow delivery

It’s knowing you’ve been wronged
That it’s only you I'll ever care for
A time for you to know
It’s only you that I’m meant for
A time for both to know
It’s only you I’d live or die for
A time to live again
A time for slow delivery

It seems this can’t go on
While we're so happily together
A time for being strong
We’re meant to be forever
Let’s be as one again
As there isn’t any other
To behold in freedom's 'whim'
In a time of slow delivery

~ fin ~