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‘A Tale of Aladdin’

Subtitle: "How the Wind Tried to Steal the Shore"

Once upon a time there lived a kindly prince named 'Aladdin' whose forays to the marketplace were always besought or dressed raggedly as he’d be found trying to sell his make-believe chariots or mythical beast that could fly, which nobody even hesitatingly thought to buy; or might’ve believed existed when he declared them invisible! "This chariot's invisible" he’d be openly heard to declare. Or “This sleigh can fly!” Or, perhaps the one that he saved for his best customers (which always opened their greedy purse’s pocketbooks) "this fish becomes bigger as you try to dine". . . He'd trample the all daylong trying to sell his mischievous wares of make-believe adventure to anyone that would believe or may’ve listened as the sun settled into the faded sky, and the fate of fortune's chaliced hand encouraged him to seek shelter from the evenings sweltering twilight by directing him to the house of a beautiful maiden named ‘Alambi’ who declared to all that would listen: I’ll buy this minstrel’s mythical song or make believe chariot at its highest bid or asking price if some-one would tell me just one thing “Who stole the shore?" Not just a little dumbfounded by this strange request or perhaps its all too impudence of an obvious questioning ‘Aladdin’ scratched his head while trying to make sense of what appeared to be the daunting fate of some ill-fated omen. While trying not to become to hesitant with its all to obvious “head-scratching” conclusion. Then the lovely maiden was heard to say, "I'll give you just one hint". . .

The clouds would, and the winds would; and the winds that covered the clouds should. And the mist should and the clouds could. And the winds that covered the clouds that brought the rain in early spring when the lands were filled with the fields of green clover, and blessed with the love of eternal blessings in early spring sometimes between April and late October. As the stars were guided with the sails that covered the waters that lifted the boats that went out with the tide and around the world and that waved goodbye as they were seen leaving the mooring sometime early yesterday morning. So please tell me now “Who stole the shore?" And always keep smiling because: "You’ll never know who you’ll meet!”

Aladdin Khanate 1269 A.D